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The sweet life...

Not much doing. Hubby and I spent the morning over coffee as we often do, joined by our neighbor and dear friend, Gary. He makes metal art and is usually due for a break about the time we're starting out our day. It generally works out just fine. Towards lunch we go our separate ways...Ahhhh, to be retired. We do it frugally but it's so worth it.

I take joy in the mundaness  of a stay at home life after working in the public sector for a good many years. I'm living simply and simply living...trying to have as little impact on the environment as possible and lately thinking about an even more minimalistic lifestyle. We've always been frugal, what with being children of depression era parents. It's my pleasure to create an inviting atmosphere in my home and do it on a dime. I totally resonate with the Danish custom called hygge. You can read more about it here.

I think my favorite place is the kitchen. Kids, grandchildren, neighbors, and friends gather here regularl…

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